A native from Pittsburgh PA, who has also resided in Baltimore MD, Actress/singer/songwriter/producer now resides in Los Angeles Ca. Veronica has added another adventure into the realm. Recording Artist.

Veronica’s music reflects her unique experiences on life, relationships are a predominant theme. She sings about the experience of falling in and out of love, heartbreak, how to be happy independent and to love yourself.

Veronica was a very reserve and shy child the only time she would come to life is when it had something to do with the arts. Veronica always had a desire to be a singer songwriter at a very young age staying up all night Writing and performing her songs in the mirror. At a time when every little girl wanted to date Michael Jackson, Veronica wanted to be Michael Jackson. Entering and performing in talent shows around the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh Pa. Veronica recorded a demo and submitted to a company in Nashville Tennessee by her surprise she was contacted and sent 2 plane tickets to sit down with the label. Veronica mother did not agree with Veronica decision to pursue it. At that time Veronica’s dreams of becoming a singer went to sleep.

In 2010 the dream was awaking in Veronica. wanting her girlfriends from the east and west coast to become acquainted, Veronica decided to host a party and called it B.O.S.S (Bonding of Sexy Sisters) with the success of the party Veronica realize she was onto something wanting all woman to share in this extraordinary moment. Veronica created a movement for all women to celebrate friendship and womanhood. Veronica wrote and recorded the theme song for the movement her hit single “Bosschix”, with the positive feedback and bookings for shows she was receiving from the single, and how much fun she had being in the studio she decided to continue writing and singing about her life experiences.

Veronica went back into the studio to work on her freshman album. While working on her album, she became emotionally attached to the social issues that the state of the world is in today.  Veronica put her album on hold and decided to take a stance. Veronica recorded a single “INSANE” addressing Racism and hate which is set to be release in fall 2017.  Veronica is also Reborn doll collector, to soften up the mood, she also recorded a happy fun single “REBORN ADDICTED” about the reborn baby dolls that she collects that is also due to be released fall 2017.

Veronica music is tapped as Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz. What is so incredible about her music is she is the type of artist that emerges in a culture that’s not comparable to no other artist. Veronica is a very versatile and prolific songwriter, singer and performer she will keep you engaged from the time she hits the stage.

As an Actress and Model Veronica , has performed on stage in the forbidden and portrayed a variety of characters in the National tour of the Legacy, with Mojo Gentry,
She has done Voice-over work indorsing many products. As a Model her face can be seen on poster in salons representing It-a-ly Hair care, she also has represented estique cosmetics, tons of dept store ads, and the 2005-2006 Calendar title Veronica Lee.
She has also represented Coca-Cola, the Height Company and Mattel toys. She is not only a accomplish model but a exciting Actress who has appeared on the Television cable soap opera 312 Charles street and the HBO special the corner with Charles Dutton an Actress of incomparable versatility she has also shared her talents in films such as just dam Lucky, Refuge, Dead or Alive and many more.

Veronica has a host of public service announcements and commercials under her belt.

She has worked with Pittsburgh school of arts and received training with acting coaches; (Herman & Lipson, New York) (Judy Devoe, Baltimore MD), (Barry Fienstein, Baltimore MD) (Larry B, Scott Los Angeles Ca) and (Glen Plummer Los Angeles Ca)

Veronica has also taking dance instruction with the Mary Marinette dance company. She attributes much of her success to her ability to adapt and play a variety of characters, her beauty and charm gracefully comes across, not only on stage, but also on camera. Her portrayal of the sultry Asia Anderson in the film Dead or Alive might propel Veronica into the mainstream of film Actresses known for her charm beauty and intelligence. Veronica has many other God giving talents she also Designs for her apparel company Saw’U Apparel,  

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